Installation and maintenance of composite flooring

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Strengthen the composite floor to buy the installation, and some used for nearly ten years is still intact as new, and some only two or three years of "service" history is "flaw" hundred, which is the secret lies in the "maintenance" word.
1, 24 hours after the completion of the installation to minimize the move, at least 48 hours after the move into the heavy;
2, in the area of the laying of the floor, the volume of the larger weight of the furniture should not be placed symmetrically, so as not to affect the floor free expansion and contraction;
3, the handling of furniture should not be dragged, not with iron furniture legs directly contact the wood floor surface; in the table and chair stool and other places with the floor with the cushion: to reduce the extent of friction floor;
Fourth, the indoor humidity remained at 40 ~ 70%. When the indoor humidity is less than 40%, should take appropriate humidification measures; when the indoor humidity is greater than 70%: should take appropriate ventilation and drainage measures;
5, go out when you close the doors and windows to prevent rain and wet the floor and direct sunlight. Such as accidentally pour the water on the floor, should be wiped clean;
Six, it is recommended at the door to place a piece of rub feet to reduce the sand on the floor of the wear and tear;
Seven, do not use sandpaper polished or painted on the surface of the floor;
8, when cleaning the floor, please use a vacuum cleaner or wring dry moist wipes along the floor laying direction to drag. Do not rinse with water;
9, to remove the stains of the floor should be correct, not like iron and other hard objects scraper surface. Special contamination Please use soft neutral detergent and wet water to wipe, not with steel ball or acid, alkali and other chemical solvents to clean the floor.

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