Home installation floor, the owner how to accept? Holy island floor to teach you trick!

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Home newly installed wooden floor, the owner how to accept? Holy island floor to teach you trick!
First of all, depends on whether the color of the floor is consistent. If the color is too large, the direct impact of beauty, you can ask for exchange; at the same time to see the floor surface pattern is the same, if the pattern is too consistent, the floor may be wood flooring, rather than valuable timber. Now some floor materials suppliers, the use of general wood material floor, but in the surface of a layer of valuable wood species of wood to shoddy, that is used to moisture, in fact, is afraid to see the reverse pattern and the front of the inconsistency The
Second, walking on the floor to listen to whether there is creak sound, footsteps should be increased, especially by the wall parts and the door parts to pay more attention. Found a sound of the site, to repeat the move to determine the specific location of the sound, do mark. Encountered such a situation, you can ask to remove the resurfacing. The sound of the site may be fixed to the keel is not strong, or the keel without drying. The dry keel does not shrink in the process of natural drying of wood, resulting in loosening.
Look at the surface of the floor whether there are borers, cracks, scratches. The common problem is that the keel is untreated and the borers are present. And so found when there is bite, the floor has been very serious boring. In addition, the floor gap should not be greater than 0.5 mm, scratches are mainly caused by rough decoration, such as wax can not be repaired, you have to exchange.

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