Home Cheats: how to maintain the home floor during the Spring Festival?

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The Spring Festival visitors may suddenly more than usual several times, housewives to clean up and maintain the number of times should be a corresponding increase in several times. If you just live in a new home, clean the floor, the sofa with a child's footprints, grease, stains, housewives are inevitably distressed, how to make home and before the Spring Festival as bright and clean it?

1, to keep the floor dry, clean, do not allow water to wet the mop mopping or alkaline water, soapy water scrub, so as not to damage the paint brightness, damage the film. In case of gray or dirty dry mop or wring dry wet mop. Monthly (or two months) to play a wax (wax before the water vapor and stains clean).

2, if the case of heating or other water leakage on the ground, must be timely clean, can not be directly sun exposure or electric furnace baking, so as not to dry too fast, floor cracking.

3, paint a good long-term floor, should not be covered with plastic cloth or newspaper, a long time the film will be sticky, loss of luster, while not to hot pot, hot rice pot and other objects directly on the floor, Application of wood or straw mat pad, so as not to burn the film.

4, local board accidentally stained should be promptly removed, if the oil traces can be wiped with a rag or mop dipped in warm water or a small amount of detergent to wipe, can also be neutral soapy water with a little washing spirit scrub. If the stain is serious, the use of this method is invalid, you can use high-quality sandpaper or steel velvet gently wipe. In the case of contamination of drugs, beverages or pigments, it must be removed before the stains have penetrated the wood surface. The cleaning method is wiped with a soft cloth dipped in furniture wax. If still invalid, must be worn with steel wool dipped in furniture wax. If the surface of the floor layer is burned by the cigarette butts, wiped with a soft cloth dampened with furniture wax to restore the light. If the ink is contaminated, it should be wiped with a wax soaked in a soft cloth. If it is ineffective, it can be wiped with a steel wool velvet.

5, after the laying of the paint floor, to minimize the sun direct sunlight, so as not to paint too much ultraviolet light, dry and aging in advance. Place the furniture on the floor with rubber or other soft objects to prevent scratching the floor paint.

6, the floor in the use of the process, if found that the individual floor from the Alice or fall off, should be promptly picked up the floor, shovel to the old glue and ash at the end, coated with new plastic, compaction; if the individual floor film damaged or exposed white, available 400 Water sandpaper dipped in soapy water polished, and then wipe clean, to be dry, the local complement color, color dry, and then brush a paint, dry 24 hours later, with 400 water sandpaper polished, and then rub wax to polish.
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