Holy island floor to teach you how to maintain the maintenance of wood flooring?

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Now people like to decorate the wooden floor, bedroom decoration is the use of wood flooring, feeling the standard of living improved significantly! Haha! In fact, the daily maintenance and maintenance of wood flooring is very important, below the holy island floor to teach you how to maintain the floor!
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Solid wood flooring is easy to clean, daily only need to vacuum cleaner or dry cloth, occasionally wring dry wipe can be wiped, if the stain can be used to remove soft detergent. Dyeing the floor every two years to use the original conservation wax once, in general, the longer the use of the surface more beautiful. Wear a mat or carpet on the floor, such as a living room or desk. Install the mat under the legs of the furniture to avoid unnecessary wear or scratches.

Note: Try not to use metal mats, they are easy to leave marks on the floor surface. Do not clean up a lot of water, try to wipe the wipes dry. Floor surface treatment has been able to protect it from the general erosion. Even so, should still be promptly removed from the surface of the floor splashed stains. It should be noted that beech is more sensitive to water, should avoid prolonged soaking.

How to prevent the wooden floor from getting black
Often wipe the floor with a wet mop, a damp cloth, wood flooring has long been worn, the surface of the board paint is polished, dirt is easy to be wood adsorption caused the floor black. Wooden floor to prevent black, it is best in the floor usually the most weary place placed a pad.
If water is left on the floor, dry up quickly. Grill wipes with a cloth dampened with a little cleaner. Every six months on the floor can be coated with a layer of wood flooring special maintenance fluid. Before using the water-soluble resin maintenance solution, first clean the floor, coated with cotton cloth on the floor, 20 minutes after the wipe with a dry cloth once, you can produce a layer of resin protective film. This layer of protective film can effectively prevent the dirt from being adsorbed by the floor, resulting in black wood.
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