How to avoid the late arches when installing the floor

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Many people at home after the installation of the floor, the ground will appear arch phenomenon, then how to avoid the late installation of the floor from the arch it?

1, when the installation of the floor to ensure the laying of dry materials
When laying the floor, to ensure that the concrete or insulation materials, dry, if not dry this will cause the floor from the arch, must be dry before laying the floor.

2, the installation of the floor when the expansion joints
When laying the floor, shop to the wall, should be left 2 cm gap as the expansion joints, between the board surface and the wall should be left 10mm gap, and then covered with a foot cover, and some owners for the clean, When there is no need to set aside between the expansion joints, or let the laying of workers to stay as much as possible to keep the floor, which will make the floor can not stretch, after the wet air after the expansion of the expansion is easy to arch, and even paint cracked wood floor and The structure between the walls is not enough.

3, the installation of the floor must be cleaned when the ground
Before installing the floor, clean the ground, do not leave foreign matter. During the installation process, if there is a foreign body to stay under the floor, and the floor before the safety, not promptly clean up, this will also cause the floor from the arch.

4, when the installation of the floor to the door sets of buttons, vents
Wood joists should be connected to the hole, and the floor surface ventilation holes connected to the floor surface of each hole not less than two, skirting board ventilation holes on each side of not less than two, ventilation holes should be kept smooth, Air circulation. More than two rooms in the installation of the floor when the door is not installed buckle, in the moisture, when the two large room floor, horizontal extension of the floor, causing the room at the door of each other involved, so that the arch arch.

5, after the installation of floor maintenance is very important
In the daily life of the ground can not be a large area of water, the rainy season comes at any time off the window, to avoid being wet with rain; clean as much as possible with a vacuum cleaner or semi-dry mop care, can not use the towing mop towing, Water poured to the ground, as soon as possible to clean up the water stains, try to use the more dry mop to wipe the water to prevent moisture from the floor seepage leakage.
General pavement when the floor do not pay attention to the floor is easy to go wrong, like the floor from the arch is also a very common thing, encountered this situation must be dealt with in a timely manner.
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